Monday, 30 July 2012

Gruffalo Visits Singapore and 4K at Avondale Grammar

The Gruffalo begins his journey at Avondale Grammar School in Singapore

Welcome to Singapore Gruffalo! We are very excited to have you with us and we know you will enjoy your time here :)

Below are some photos of the Gruffalo and his travels so far in Singapore ....

4K are going to be posting some comments below about what Gruffalo has been doing during today - we hope you can respond to us.





  1. We are learning how to post to this blog - Gruffalo is learning too!

    From 4K

  2. Hi room 14,
    It is Lucy and Jahanvi here!
    We really enjoyed having Gruffalo come on a holiday to Singapore.
    He went to many different interesting places with Gruffalo.
    He has been to Universal Studios, iFly and many other cool places.
    We think he's getting a bit too hot and we think it's time for him to come back to you guys.

    From 4K

  3. this is Lachlan Jack and Alethea.
    Lachlen has taken Gruffalo home for bird watching and we saw 3 King fishers and a really big bird.
    He has had a lovely time with us and even has a new outift. He has learnt lots, even some Mandarin.
    He misses you and can't wait to come home to NZ.
    Bye for now

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  5. Hi room 14

    It is us in 4k.We have had so much fun with the Gruffalo in Singapore. He has been in so many places in Singapore.

    From Mia and Clair in 4k

  6. hi it is Toby and Nick we had a great time with the gruffalo he is
    awesome !!! Toby took him home for one night he went to the singapore island club.I Nicholas have not had him yet but i hope to
    use him before he/her goes home on a plane.

    from Toby Nicholas BYE !!!!!

  7. Hi room 14
    it's sami and angus.
    gruffalo has been a great guest but it is to hot for him so he is coming home in first class.
    from Sami and Angus

  8. Hi this is Shea, Charlotte and Brooklyn,

    This 1st comment is Shea's comment.
    Mr Gruffalo went chrocheting with me.
    He tried to do 1 stich but he couldnt even tie a knot to start. He got so frustrated that He just just just... gave up...

    This comment is Brooklyn's comment
    Well I took gruffalo to a yummy frozen yougurt shop on a very hot day he enjoyed it and you will too!

    This is Charlotte's comment
    I am new to Avondale and 4K but it is a great place. By the sound of it he has been to fantastic places.

    He misses you :)

    From 4K

  9. Hi room 14

    It is Ryan and Harry from 4K.

    The Gruffalo is having a great time in Singapore and we love having him visiting. He is getting use to the warm weather but finds it hard. He has visited many of the tourist sites of our beautiful city but he is ready to come home I think which makes us sad.

    P.S. He has a new girl outfit that one of the girls made for him.....

  10. hi it is Felicity,Tara and Paris here
    we have all taken gruffalo home.
    felicty took gruffalo to art class. Tara took him to Sentosa (a big island in Singapore) and Paris took gruffalo to Universal Studios (a bit like Disneyland). Gruffalo is very tired but has had lots of fun in sentosa! he is looking forward to coming home but has had fun whilst in Singapore!
    love 4k!

    1. what are your favorite universal movies
      by lucy,tayin,amie

  11. Hi 4K it's so cool to have the Gruffalo there visiting you! We think your photos are amazing and we are really amazed at all of the places that he has been able to visit! We are wondering whether the Gruffalo will mind wearing a dress but he had to do that when he was in Lebanon so he probably won't care too much!
    What have you found out about the Gruffalo so far? Where would you like to take him that he hasn't been yet?

  12. Hi there

    I think he is OK with it - the girls thought it was really important he 'give it a go'.

    H ehas spent the weekend at Singapore Zoo but it is just getting too hot for him. Do you think you are ready to get him back to NZ to the beautiful cool temperatures?

    We have learnt that the gruffalo is not as BIG and SCARY as everything thinks he is. He is a GREAT friend and loves to spend time with people form different cultures.

    Can't wait to hear back soon

    4K in Singapore

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