Monday, 20 February 2012

Hello Joshua!

Hey Josh! I am wondering whether you wil d-r-a-g me around the BMX track, run me ragged across the soccer pitch or drown me at swimming! You are such a sporty lad I know we will do something fun! Don't let Braeden kidnap me though or you might never get me back!

Thanks for looking after me!

From the Gruffalo


  1. I had lots of fun looking after Gruffalo today. I have made two cool pages for the Room 14 The Gruffalo's Travels scrapbook. I have worked on it for two hours! Mum took photos, I wrote short stories, Mum helped me insert photos and I did a ripped border which has the words to the story The Gruffalo. We found the words on internet. Gruffalo came to Rep Soccer Trials and he also liked playing with Charlie my dog.
    I hope Gruffalo had a great time staying at my house for the night.
    From Josh Brown

  2. Yo Josh, I had heaps of fun with you too! Let's catch up again sometime at your place, that was awesome!
    From Gruff x